Interview with Elena Milani of Elena Milani Couture

Elena Milani is one of the emerging Fashion Designers from Italy who was chosen as one of the talented designers of  New York Fashion Week 2018. She held her debut fashion show in New York as part of the FYID International Designer Showcase. Check out the interview below to discover more about Elena Milani Couture its first appearance in NYC.


Q: What is the focus of your band?

A: “My brand is a fashion brand of course, with a focus on creating business wear for women around the world.”


Q: How was your NYFW experience and how did it affect your brand?

A: “It had a great effect on my brand, I partnered with KlassiKlozit so I can sell now in New York. I gained a lot of followers after the fashion show and I believe people are more aware of my brand now.”


Q: What challenges do you face in your work?

A: , “Honestly, no challenge at all [laugh]. I was confident when I brought my brand to New York as it was a different kind of audience and I knew they would love my work.”


Q: What do you think is the best part about being a designer?

A:, “I love the creative aspect of designing. I love the feeling when I’m about to work on my brand and I can do whatever I want with it, that is the best part. I can play with the designs and honestly I won’t create something people won’t wear. I always think, ‘would the people wear this if I create it?’ And that’s where I succeed.”


Q: What do you feel have been your biggest achievements so far?

A: “The Fashion show in New York was my biggest achievement. I always told my parents when I was young that I want to do a fashion show in New York and I never thought it would come true, but it did. That’s a milestone. Other than that my second biggest achievement is the first dress I ever designed.”


Lastly, when we asked Elena about her plans for Fashion Week, there was a hint of suspense there when she said, “I’m still working on it [laughs].”


Well we are really excited to see what Elena’s planning for the Fashion Week, stay tuned to find out more and stay updated with our upcoming events. The next FYID Fashion Show takes place this year in Milan on September 22 and in New York on September 6th.

Imani Jones