Producer. Musician. Performing Artist.

Chris Oeaux started making music when he was in the 8th grade, As he remember correctly. Chris was 14 years old and his older brother who recently passed away had downloaded FL Studio 8 on their home computer but got frustrated with the software. He began to become intrigued with the software and kept fiddling with everything in it until he eventually figured out how to organize the sounds the program came with. It wasn’t until he got to his sophomore year in high school that he actually considered himself a “producer”

The moment he realized he could make a career of it was when he began to write lyrics and record his own songs, which was about 3 years ago in his Super Senior Year in high school. Chris older brother who goes by the stage name “StevOD” had began to rap and eventually recording over his productions, which inspired him to begin to write and record over his productions as well.

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