XCHANGE fashion festival



Sep. 10


New York, NY

Jump Into the light now

6:00 - 11:00 pM

Show Starts 8:30 pm

Fashion + Tech inspired fashion show featuring live art, music, fashion shows + presentations.

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sep. 21-22


Palazzo Visconti

Milano, Italy

Invite Only

Sep. 23


Dress You Can Boutique

Corso di Porta Ticinese

Milano, Italy

6:00 - 10:00 PM

Invite Only

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the application for designers for VIETNAM FASHION SHOW AND FOR SS 2020 FASHION WEEKS IN milan, SOUTH AFRICA, AND new york is now open!

If you are interested in joining the show as a designer, the deadline to apply is August 20th, 2019. Please fill out form below or email ciao@findyouridnyc.com to be considered.

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The Xchange Fashion Festival aims to celebrate all of the diversity and creativity that was poured into the preparation of this event with a showcase of brilliant domestic and international designers! Start of NYFW in an exuberant way with the stunning array of accessories and garments in the bazaar themed pop-up shop amongst the ingenuity of the fine art demonstrations. The full immersion of culture begins, with the help of musical guests as the fashion show transports the guests to the creative worlds of the designers. Mark your calendars and be our guest while we greet you at the doors with the special flare only creatives within the fashion industry can deliver!

NYFW International Showcase Premiere PAST Designers




Seema Gulati began her personal voyage into the artistic world early in her childhood.  Visiting India many years during her childhood and then again as an adult, Seema was moved by the tradition amongst her people.  She was further floored by women artisans with distinct talents in their craft.  Embroidery, embellishments, fine silks and textiles left her speechless almost every time.  In 2014, after a trip to India and Turkey, Seema knew in her heart that it was time for a career change.  After seventeen years in healthcare, Seema began looking for an outlet for her love of art.  She aligned herself with women artisans in Afghanistan, Turkey and India through travel and a lot of networking.   After two years of perserverence  she founded Nuriyah, a couture handbag line (founded in August 2016).  Nuriyah’s collection is known for distinct hand embellishments utilizing vintage fabrics, textiles and accessories from all over the world.   Nuriyah also focuses on supporting women artisans who wish for their talents to be showcased in New York City.  Nuriyah gives 5% of it’s profit back to charities such as the Malala fund supporting education for girls across the world and Ramana’s Garden, a Children’s home for orphans in Rishikesh, India.

Molly Monroe Apparel

Molly Monroe Apparel is an artist-owned enterprise from the NYC metro area offering handmade jewelry, clothing and accessories. Each Molly Monroe piece is hand-crafted to incorporate unique upcycled materials – from one-of-a-kind toys to vintage garments and costume jewelry. Owner and artist Molly creates stunning hand-painted pieces and jewelry inspired by her favorite goth, punk, pin-up and retro pop-culture from the 70’s and beyond. Her stated goal at Molly Monroe Apparel is to keep the soul and CBGB’s spirit of the East Village alive.  Molly’s message to all of her customers, young and old, is "always have the courage to be weird, wear outrageous clothing and truly be yourself.”


Elena Milani


The designer Elena Milani, open her company on 2011, after an MA in fashion product and programme management in Milan (Italy). In the same year she took part, at the invitation, to the Italian Fashon Expo, at the Dallas Market center during the Dallas fashion week. Event in which he also participated the following year. Over the years, she has attended, always by invitation, in various fashion fairs and fashion shows, in prestigious locations such as Venice, Milan and Rome. Her work is focused on the cut and the prints that she created personally. It is a style that could be defined as artistic-architectural. Elena created smart elegance collection, which means to do a deep research of the cut and the silhouettes for "everyday" clothes, not only for the evening.She said well cut, colored and comfortable. But above all, immersed in reality, which is the most important thing to her job.

"When I imagine a dress, it works in my mind, but then, I want to work in reality too" she said. "My job is all based on respect for the body and women, understanding what they want and what they expect from my collection is my first rule."

Her creations are sold all over the world, thanks to the power of social networks, is contacted daily by private customers, who commissions exclusive dress made to order.


Website | Facebook | Instagram


Naurah USA is an Indo-Western ready to wear clothing line launched by Ayesha Khanna who is a well known choreographer and the Founder & Director of Bollywood Funk NYC Dance school. The brand was launched in 2017 with the vision to expand and diversify from original Indian Couture line based in India. Having lived in New York for over a decade but with her roots in India, Ayesha was inspired to create a brand for the passionate, inspirational women of today who are always hustling. A clothing line that was beautiful, unique yet wearable! Naurah focuses on creating niche pieces customized for their discerning clientele. Inspired by the collections that were exclusively privy to the royalty and royalty alone and thoroughly researched from the archives to absorb the best from the past. These then were fused with the modern trends to create designs that have caught the imagination of the fashion conscious. Hence our tag line—traditional threads, modern trends. At Naurah USA, "less is more" is the philosophy to life with a traditional weave that is a refreshing contemporary take on classical Indian silhouettes. The modern woman would rather dance the night away in these feather-like light apparels and still feel special. In NYC, where black is the color for a night out, we choose to present a colorful yet stylistic approach to dressing up. Why do we have to blend in, when we can stand out? We love to use traditional staples like goergette, chiffon, chanderi, brocade, silk, and cotton but give them a signature and a fresh treatment so the clothes don't fall short on the fun and whimsical factor. Our mission is to make our customers feel unique in these garments. Looking good starts with feeling good and that is what we love to focus on while putting together a dream outfit.Like we say to our clients, Make EVERY DAY an occasion to make a style statement.


Each design we create, can be customized to some extend keeping the clients preferences in mind. We want customers feeling proud wearing a piece that is exclusively made for them. With this goal in mind, we strive to make every version of the original design a little different, better, lets just say more “You."


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KlassiKlozit is the brainchild of Kanika Chopra Kumar, a passionate designer and most importantly, a stylist by soul & curator at heart. She has combined all of her experiences as a fashion stylist, and her total passion derived from years as a consumer during her extensive travels through New Delhi, London, Paris, Milan, New York and most recently, Santorini, in order to conceive KlassiKlozit. She continues to see fashion over everything else and promises that she is all about promoting your expression with her style.

"I curate art and fashion, eat enough, I sleep seldom, I pray often I breathe fashion. That is my life."


My name is Terrica Walker, but I go by the nickname TWalk.  I am 21 years old, and was born and raised in PG County, Maryland.  I've always had a fascination and true appreciation of artistic careers and individuals.  My parents started me off early with things like piano lessons and ballet.  I also did a lot of school plays and tried every sport imaginable.  The first time I knew for sure that I wanted a career in fashion is when I saw the movie 'The Devil Wears Prada'.  I think I was about 10 years old.  Still one of my favs!  I didn't know what career I wanted in fashion right away, though. I considered being a Creative Director or a Fashion Merchandiser. After not getting accepted into the Fashion Institute of Technology, I went to Bowie State University where I majored in Business.  I wanted to drop out my first year to start working on creating a brand full-time, but my father convinced me to finish school first.  I was super impatient, so I decided to finish school in just three years instead of four by taking courses all-year-round.  Stressful, but it paid off. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing, and graduated Cum Laude! Right after I graduated,  I immediately started working on my brand, WALK, with full-force. I designed my first collection and  launched it on Sept 29, 2017. Since then I’ve done a number of runway shows, been featured on the news, and have gained customers that I’ve created a bond with. Although I’m happy with my progress, I plan to work to improve everyday and take it to the heights I believe it will go.


OJ DESIGNS is a unisex fashion brand ( that caters for both women and menswear).  The brand was founded 2013 in Milan, Italy by Onela Joni.

Now housed in Johannesburg South Africa. 

OJDESIGNS represents style and quality through urban street wear and couture. 

OJDESIGNS works on the basis of inspired creativity, interpreted through different fabrics. OJDESIGNS is inspired  by art, music and authenticity . Easy going living is at the heart of the brands philosophy. 

The brands aspiration is to be the best local clothing brand with outstanding price value proposition, capturing market  trends and newness in colour, quality fabrics and  shapes,  Expressing  them in the most edgy , effortless yet comfortable style. OJDESIGNS pays maximum  attention to fabric selection, fitting and  perfect quality.  The company's goal is to reflect a positive and great attitude towards life and celebrate real people and the arts according to the brands promise. Its said that  when you look good , you feel good but we want you to feel great in OJDESIGNS.





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