Interview with Mesh Dollhouse

Mesh doll house.jpeg

FYID: What is your creative process while designing? Is there anything you must do to prepare for designing?

MDH: I have been a plus size woman for most my life. Bringing style and grace I have diversified my style and embraced my body along the way. When creating and designing, my company prepares as a team. We brain storm different ideas and catchy phrases that we as plus size women can relate to. For example, "BBW Savage and Curves Saved Me."

FYID: What is your inspiration behind your brand?

MDH: I am a very determined young woman, and I created Mesh Dollhouse, pursuing my dream as a plus size model and motivational speaker. I later explored my humanitarian goals by recently creating an initiative “Conversation with the Dolls” which supports and networks with domestic violence survivors and teen girls in foster care. Being a two-time survivor of domestic violence was not easy, but I overcame those struggles and became a trendsetter. The obstacles that I experienced could not break me. Instead it became my motivation and inspiration for wanting to see women come together for one purpose—EMPOWERMENT.

FYID: Do you have a target audience? If so, to whom?

MDH: Mesh Dollhouse provides model management and empowerment to plus size woman (sizes 12-44). We challenge ourselves to boost their lives through modeling plus size apparel, motivational seminars, and events that serve and encourage individual self-esteem and advancement. Our company will result in the increase of confidence, bravery, enlightenment, and personal growth.

FYID: Is there an experience you would like the consumer to leave with?

MDH: I am determined to love, motivate, and help other women feel as gorgeous and attractive as I did when I started in the modeling industry.