Jackie Paladino

Currently based in New York, singer-songwriter Jackie Paladino is wise beyond her years. The songstress who skillfully crafts each piece with an intricate storyline dives deep into her personal experiences like no other. Sharing her journey with the world, in the past few months we have seen her release the singles and videos for “Rescue Me,” and “Daddy’s Money.” Bringing up two-very personal issues for Paladino, she boldly shares her experiences with the world, to let people know they are not alone.

Paladino pays attention to every detail that is placed within not only her songs but her video pieces as well. This helps to convey the story of her music, with a prominent, insightful piece that has had many listeners and writers buzzing. Her honesty which draws from past elements of her life not only helps to heal herself but to listeners who can relate as well. Jackie has taken the time out to speak with me regarding her music and the background behind her stand-out singles with a message.

To listen to more of her music, visit her website. And check out her Instagram and her Soundcloud.