What’s Poppin’ in New York City?

New York Pop-up Shops Captivate Distinct Audiences with Culture and Novelty

article by  Hena Baluch

Soho, New York, 5/5/2018: Pop-up shops are brightening up Summer fashion with its cultural fashion and individualistic appeal proving to be a huge competition for retailers. This weekend, the Find Your ID NYC team attended pop-ups hosted in multiple venues around New York City.  Pop-up shops are an ideal platform for people searching for an exotic style and new collections that would help them look trendy yet so unique. It’s not only a stage where people come to shop, but it’s an event where there is music, fun and a gathering for the designers to meet one another and acknowledge the art of amazing fashion.


No beauty went unnoticed at these two events, consumers came to appreciate the work of the designers, while staying in style. The Art Lounge and Zuvaa pop-up shop attracted an eclectic crowd complementing the diverse artists and designers. Phyllis and Rosie (@phyllisandrosie), one designer showcasing at The Art Lounge, displayed their beautiful jewelry collection and won smiles by selling some excellent designs to the consumers. This designer stated, when asked how often she shops at retail shops, “Just as much as anyone else. [laughs] But that is actually the problem, some do not venture out of their comfort zone or the status quo. My items display the same amount of elegance as competitors, but you can only get them from my company.” This exclusivity was welcomed, despite their various backgrounds, to form a demographic of progressive New York all grooving to the beat of dj Mark Wolf.       



The FYID NYC team also attended the Zuvaa pop-up shop in Soho, which was a huge success thanks to the amazing designers who brought there unique craft from all over America. At this presentation, pop-up culture and color were displayed through their vibrant dresses, jewelry, and handmade bags. Some of these vendors includes, Fanta Celah Art , Onyii & Co., Tru Face by Grace Collection, Ekete and many more amazing names like Ocelot Market.


It is very important for us to bring new culture and fashion in this city that is known for its diversity, together all these culture and these fashion makes us look like an amazing city that has people who are so different from one another yet so similar by the fashion the follow.