Guess who got the “Royal Treatment” this Sunday?

FYID gives back to the mothers who have given it all for us

Article by Hena G.Baluch
Harlem, New York, 05/13/2018: She carries us in her womb for 9 months, she goes through all the morning sickness while we get the nutrition and grow inside her, she goes through the pain to give birth to an angel, she’s none other than a Mother. Find Your ID NYC gives back to the mothers by inviting them to Femme Progressive Boutique to give them makeovers and capture their photos with their children.

Photoshoots, makeovers, music, mimosa, snacks and a beautiful boutique where our special mothers could try designer clothes by Mariam, Femme Progessive, and get their photos clicked with their children. Find Your ID inspired people by spreading smiles for no benefit, as they came together to donate for homeless mothers in Harlem.


Our amazing makeup artist Marinda gave the mothers a completely new look and with Femme Progressive’s clothes they totally slayed the photo-shoot. Upon asking about the event, one of the attended said, “ Oh my God! You won’t believe I was having a terrible day. I thought it would get worse but I was just walking by when I saw the memosis [Giggles], that is what I came for, but I didn’t know there’s more. I feel so good after this amazing makeover. You guys made my day, Thank you so much.”


Find Your ID lets no event go waste without putting efforts to make people smile. This time the employees decided to give a little back to our amazing team as well.Tarik was present at the event and the team surprised him by inviting his amazingly gorgeous mother and his grandmother so they could celebrate mother’s day with the Find Your ID team.


The real purpose of the event was fulfilled when we saw people coming forward to donate their clothes to Harlem Homeless Shelters. Find Your ID partnered with Harlem Homeless Shelters to collect clothes for homeless people at the event. It was good to see people taking an initiative to put smiles on those who are less fortunate than them. Find Your ID keeps bringing more events like this to your plate so stay connected to our page as we have something big coming up.