What brings a black storm at The VNYL?

Fashion and art blends together at a black themed party

Article By Hena G. Baluch

The VNYL, New York, 05/20/2018: When Music, fashion and pop-culture comes together it creates a flamboyant party. This Sunday Find Your ID sponsored the Black Fvshionologist to throw the most fashionable party of the year at The VNYL (The Vintage New York Lifestyle). This night’s theme was all-black affair, which created a sense of unity yet individual style. The party brought together artists, designers and consumers who were dressed to impress. Each person showed an individualistic appeal by dressing the way they love and being comfortable in whatever they wore.



People from across New York came to experience the Black Fvsionologist party that displayed fashion and pop-culture. We saw high heels, black and white striped pants, black overalls with a laced black shirt and cool shades that completed the look in a subtly appealing way. While our reporters approached some of the guests to ask about the party, Joey said, “Love it! This party is amazing and it’s super packed as you see! We invited all our friend’s to the party because we knew it will be huge.” People not only danced but networked with a lot of designers and artists who brought light and music to the party.


Other than music and dance, the party was honored with the presence of some talented designers like Faded Nyc and Alien Inc who caught all eyes by bringing pop-culture fashion to the party. People thoroughly enjoyed the party by meeting new people and dancing to the music of some talented music artists like Ljoevon, Pochahontae, and Back Wood Cinto who were also spotted at the party.


We ran into some amazing talents at the party and one of them was an 18 year old artist Eleven who displayed her Art at the party and people really loved and appreciated her work. With all these artists and a cool crowd coming together, the party was jam packed and a huge success where people drank, danced and had a time they would always cherish.


What made this party a success was the fashion and the comfort it had for the crowd. One of the guest stated, “It’s nice! I love how there’s no pressure for me to come on the dance floor, I am on my own having some intense conversations with my friend while enjoying the music, the artist and of course my drink [laugh].”


This was a creative idea by the Find Your ID team to organize an event that is a party for everyone but actual is a very subtle way of promotion. Designers and artists were given an open platform to promote their brand at a party. So while people danced and enjoyed the music, they also appreciated the work of these talented artists. Find Your ID always finds ways to think of amazing marketing techniques to make their clients and guests happy. Find Your ID has multiple events coming up, please stay tuned to enjoy photoshoots and amazing Fashion ideas.