A day with Antony Zito

Antony Zito, a New York and New England based artist, who is also known for organizing annual Governors Island Art Fair, is a rising artist who knows how to turn a canvas into a symbol of “Women empowerment”. Previous week Antony hosted a pop-up art exhibition in New York which was appreciated by many New Yorkers who know the value and role of woman in this society. Our team was honored to have a chat with Antony about his art exhibition in New York.


Q: Would you like to tell us about yourself, a background of how you found this amazing talent of yours?

A: I was raised by artists, both my parents met in art school. So basically, I’ve always been surrounded by art since I was a kid and I knew that this is what I want to do.


Q: Wow! So, your parents were artists too! I see everywhere there are paintings of women only, would you like to tell us something about that?

A: Sure, so I think with a lot of things that is happening in our culture, the architecture of our society is being reconsidered and I think capitalism and patriotic structures have finally started to give in a little bit. I think it will still take a lot of time but it is important for people to stand up for equality and I, as a man, strongly believe in that and maybe even more than equality.


Q: So, you believe men and women are equal in every way?

A:  I wouldn’t say it in exactly that way, I think men and women are different, but everyone deserves the same amount of privilege and access.


Q:  Do you believe that you are delivering this message to people through your paintings? 

A: I think by featuring only women in the show and the title of "women" itself backs it up. I think it shows the respect and appreciation for half the population. Also portraying some strong icons with some ordinary people like friends and family, it’s kind of standing up and saying that “I Support”.


Q: Amazing, I love the thought. How was your exhibition in New York?

A: I will be honest I was a little nervous about it because it is a lot of work in an evening which consisted of only 3 hours, but it really turned out better than I expected. People at gallery are amazing and to be able to see 45 painting in this space was amazing. Most importantly to be able to fill that space up and to see people coming out was spectacular, the response was overwhelming. I was amazed by the response.


Q: Any feedback that you want to share?

A: Yeah there were so many people appreciated that night. It was just very overwhelming.


Q: So, it shows that you are really trying to fight back racism, what do you have to say about that? 

A: Yes! The situation that our country is facing right now with the current president who is just turning up the dark side of this country, I think it really gives us an opportunity to stand up for what's right and to show the world that this is who we really are and this is what we support.


Q: What influences your paintings?

A: I always work from live models or photographs because I believe in realistic portraits. Some are inspiring woman around the world and some are just family or friends. Like this painting of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez caught a lot of eyes and people really appreciated my work. 


Q: Wow! It in beautiful indeed. I see that your respect women a lot, what role does a woman plays in your life?

A: Well you know its very interesting because I had lost all the men in my life around the same period, so I found myself being closer to women at that time. My best friend is a woman, my mom and then my business partners, they’re all women who have always supported me and been there for me emotionally as well. I’ve noticed even generally I’ve learnt more from women than from men.


Q: So, What’s the next step?

A: Well I am one of co-founder of Governors Island Art Fair and its something we’ve been working on since a lot of years. We’re entering our eleventh year now so we’re opening that in September and I will be showing a lot of metal sculptures out there in huge amount.


In this world full of racism and inequality, Antony fights back showing women as a powerful source in this world through his art. Catch Antony every weekend at Governors Island Art Fair from 1:30 pm onward showing his amazing metal sculpture and art work.